Audio Production

We created this business as a way to make my recording skills available to a greater number of artists, in a wider variety of situations. Add to that the total freedom of location recording, and the whole world is your studio. Greece is well known for it’s rich culture and beautiful nature. There are plenty affordable locations, houses on the seaside or mountain, with amazing acoustics which can be use as recording location.

Please don’t think of us as a budget alternative to traditional studios. We can work in traditional studios, and have relationships with several in Greece. However, We like to work in non-traditional spaces, because we think that it’s inspiring to the artist, more comfortable than a ‘studio’, and offers sound-sculpting possibilities beyond what a treated drum room and vocal booth have to offer. Add to that the number of great albums made in small home studios, and you start to wonder why anyone would work in a traditional studio.

Then there’s the gear. Our mobile rig is size of medium sized studios. It can record up to 24 channels simultaneously, mic collection is adjustable for various tracking situations. The computer and softwares are in industry standard class and regularly updated.

Lastly, we should point out that I am here to help you make a great record, one that you can be proud of for the rest of your life. We here to get your vision on tape, the way you want it to be.